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Welcome to Terry's Shop!

No, I do not operate a commercial shop, but instead have my own machine shop equipment for my own projects as a hobby.

Sand Creek Engine and Machine is the name I have for my shop, based on my interests in the casting and machining of miniature steam engines. My 'shop' is located in my garage, but I am in the process of fixing up space in the basement to be my future shop. Between work and other projects, getting my shop created is taking far more time than I had planned, but that is the way life is sometimes. Hobbies, such as my shop, have to take a back seat to other projects that have higher priority...  like making a living!

It was very cold out in the garage over winter, so not much happened out there during that time. Spring has sprung here, and a few things are underway.

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This section and the pages below are works in progress and updates will be posted from time to time. Stay tuned!!


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