This page was last updated on Monday, September 05, 2016

This page is always under construction, it will change as my projects change. I do have the following projects on my to do list. Projects that appear as links have their own pages covering the details of the project.

Base pin (cylinder axle) for a stainless steel Ruger Old Army revolver.  - Done

Convert a friend's Allis Chalmers 5050 tractor from power assist steering to full hydrostatic steering. - in progress

Wooden storage box for my rotary table and accessories.

Hand scrape a 24" triangular straight edge and bring it into true. - in progress

Wooden storage box for the 24" triangular straight edge.

Tramming tool for my milling machine.

Wooden storage box for slitting and slotting saws

Convert the mill to a three phase motor and a VFD.

Improved tool rests for my bench grinder

Propane fired forge and heat treating oven, from a book published by Dave Gingery

A clock designed by a friend from the Hobby-Machinist forum. It is called "The Dark Lady". It is an open framed design, and uses a foliot instead of a pendulum.

Modifying a Delta 14" vertical wood cutting bandsaw so that it can also cut metal. This will be covered on a separate page, as it is a rather large project. Design is currently in progress.

Hand scraping will be a page all by itself due to the broad area that this topic covers.


The list goes on and on, but the ones above are the ones that are foremost in my mind and will be the first ones tackled.  Stop back from time to time to check on progress!


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