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Charlie Dockstader's Valvegear Simulator for Windows

Several years ago, Charlie Dockstader created a valvegear simulator for DOS, then created a new version for Windows and made it available to the public free of charge. There are other places where the files can be downloaded, and I am making them available here also. There are 15 files to download, including the README file, which provides installation instructions and is included here:

To download and install this program:
1.Download all of the zip files to a location on your computer where you can find them by following steps a, b, c, & d.
   a. Right click on the file you want to download
   b. Select 'Save Target As...'
   c. Save the file to your selected location, preferably with it's original file name.
   d. Repeat until you have all of the files downloaded
2. Create a folder on your computer called "Winvalve" (without the quotes).
3. Unzip all of the files that you downloaded, unzipping them to the Winvalve folder
4. After you have unzipped all of the files, go to the Winvalve folder.
   a. Locate the file named "VGStart.exe"
   b. Right click on the file
   c. Select "Send to..." then "Desktop (create shortcut).

After that you will be able to start the program from that shortcut on your desktop, or by browsing to the Winvalve folder, then double clicking on the file "VGStart.exe"


Machinist and Engine Forums - a listing of some of the more popular forums on the Internet

The Hobby-Machinist    Non-profit forum dealing with all types of hobby machining.

Home Model Engine Machinist    Commercial forum dedicated to building and running small model engines of all kinds.

Model Engine Maker    Private forum dedicated to designing, building, and running small model engines, both internal and external combustion.

Metalworking Fun   Forum dealing with hobby machining topics 

Smokstak    Forum dedicated to old iron and old engines, gas, diesel, and steam.


I will add more as I think of them.


Suppliers to Hobby Machinists  - I am not saying good or bad about any of the vendors listed.

This also is not a complete list, but is a listing of some of the more popular vendors available.

Enco   -  Please note: Enco has become a part of MSC Direct, effective August of 2016.

Travers Tool


Precision Matthews


CDCO Machinery Corp.


Shars Tool

H. Gerstner and Sons

Harbor Freight

Northern Tool & Equipment

Speedy Metals

Metal Supermarkets

Online Metals

Other Individual's Websites - Sites listed here are those of other individuals that have websites of their own and have projects, plans, tools, or techniques that you may find of interest. This is NOT an all-inclusive list, and it will change from time to time. I will try to keep the links current, but please keep in mind that I may not be able to keep them 100% up to date at all times. I will be adding links here as time goes on.




YouTube Channels - This area contains channels held by individuals that have put out some great videos for the hobby-steam, hobby-engineering, and hobby-machinist interest areas. I will be adding links here also as time goes by.