About Terry


To make a long story short, I like to design, build, and tinker with things. All sorts of things. I make my living by driving truck and operating heavy equipment, though I did work in the computer industry for a few years until it burnt me out. The stress levels are MUCH better as a result of getting out of that business, too.

I quit smoking on Valentine's Day 2009, and I am very glad that I did. It is probably one of the best things I've ever done. It was difficult, but it was very worthwhile. I tried to quit a number of times over the years but was never successful until 2009. The money I used to spend on cigarettes now supports my hobby of machining various small projects and also pays for a vacation trip every year. Excellent trade off in my book! 

As you may have guessed, I am a volunteer in the local 4-H Shooting Sports and Wildlife project. I work with youth at the county level, and I also work at the state level to teach and certify other adults to be instructors in the area of muzzleloading, plus I am one of the range officials at the annual Minnesota 4-H Shooting Sports Invitational held each September. I also travel to the national invitational with our state's muzzleloading team some years as their coach.

I also am a member of a web based hobby machinist community called The Hobby-Machinist. The people there are a wonderful group comprised of people of all levels of experience in the field of machining. I have learned much there from some of the members and have been able to share much of my knowledge with other individuals there as well. They are well worth checking out at www.hobby-machinist.com    I am primarily interested in building small steam engines from both bar stock and from castings. My study of that area has also sparked an interest in building clocks and small internal combustion engines as well. Right now I have such a long list of things to build that I don't think I'll ever get all of them done.  I guess one can always hope!

I also have a strong interest in community theater, and enjoyed being a member of the cast in a number of shows about ten years ago. Sadly, my current occupation makes it too difficult to participate in rehearsals, so I had to let it go. Maybe one day in the future I'll have the time to do that again.

Not much else to add for now, but if I think of something worth adding here, I will do so.

Thanks for visiting my site, I hope you enjoy it.