In the event of stormy weather, use your own judgment first. If you feel that the weather is too severe or that the roads are not safe, please stay home. We prefer to have our youth miss a week of Shooting Sports rather than become 'statistics'. If you feel the need to call and ask about a possible cancellation, you can reach Lynn at 952-492-2178 or Terry at 612-599-7212. We will make every effort to post cancellations on Facebook (see link below) and and send emails out to those who have signed up for the Shooting Sports Newsletter, but when the roads are bad in the winter, it is difficult for me to get home from work and post a cancellation on this website in a timely fashion, but I do my best to do so. School closings are a good rule of thumb to go by. If any of the schools are closed due to weather conditions, Shooting Sports will also be cancelled. 

Additionally, 4-H has a state requirement that if wind chills are expected to get to -30 or colder, that events must be cancelled. The decision to cancel due to cold temperatures is handled by our regional office in Andover.

You can also check our Facebook page for cancellations and the latest news!

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