Minnesota DNR

Firearms Safety Certification

Youth that are enrolled in the 4-H Shooting Sports and Wildlife Project may also obtain their Minnesota Firearms Safety Certificate by enrolling in extra training. Obtaining this certificate is not mandatory for participating in Shooting Sports or the State Shoot, but is very highly recommended. This certificate is necessary for those who wish to hunt in Minnesota and many other states. There is a fee of $7.50 charged by the Minnesota DNR for this certification to cover the cost of materials and ammunition. This course is only offered once each year (typically in the spring) through the 4-H Shooting Sports Project in Scott County. The 2016 class was completed in May and the next class will start sometime in March of 2017. Watch the schedule page on this site for further details, which should be published by about February 1st, 2017. The course is open to a maximum of 30 students, and is limited, with priority being given as follows:

  1. Members of the Scott County 4-H Shooting Sports Project

  2. Parents and siblings of Project members.

  3. 4-H youth and their family members that are not enrolled in the Shooting Sports Project

  4. General Public

Those wishing to take this course must be at least eleven years of age when the class starts. Eleven year olds that complete the course and pass the written and range tests will receive their certificate, but the certificate will not be valid until the youth turns twelve.

These class sessions are mandatory for any persons that wish to obtain a Minnesota Firearms Safety Certificate, as the Minnesota DNR requires a minimum of twelve hours of classroom training. Please see our schedule page for dates and times by clicking on the Schedule button at the top of this page. 

In recent years our field and range day was held in conjunction with Firearms Safety students from the Scott County Sheriff's Department. This worked out very well, and we will be doing the range day the same way this year. Students will be shooting for several hours and will have the opportunity to fire several types of firearms and will use quite a bit of ammunition. 

Missing one of the mandatory classes or missing the test will result in failure to obtain a Firearms Safety certificate, and forfeiture of the materials fee. NO EXCEPTIONS! We post our class and test schedule far in advance and we pass out printed schedules at our regular Shooting Sports events. If you find that you cannot attend one of the class dates, please do not enroll in this class and ask for individual schedule accommodations afterward. There are no make up sessions, and no make up tests. If you have conflicting scheduled events, you will need to choose which event is most important to you. BE ON TIME for these classes as there is much to cover! Classes will start promptly at the scheduled times.

Currently, most of Scott County's 4-H Shooting Sports instructors are also certified to teach the Firearms Safety Course from the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources. Instructors volunteer their time to teach these courses in addition to the time already volunteered for our regular Shooting Sports events on Thursdays.